Matilda's monthly progress

5 Months

By now, I’m used to the quizzical look on people’s faces when I tell them Matilda’s age. She’s five months old today, but at 8 lb 10 oz, she’s still too small for most newborn clothes. Great news – her lungs have now matured enough for her to breathe by herself during the daytime. She loves the freedom of not having to wear the nasal cannula and both John and I love getting out and about without the encumbering oxygen cylinder. With any luck, by the end of this week we’ll get the green light to take her off oxygen at night too.

It’s been confirmed that she is profoundly deaf – I’m feeling far more positive about this than I was when we initially received the diagnosis. Being a mum to a 26-week preemie has taught me that no challenge is insurmountable. We’re receiving help from a sign supported English teacher and tomorrow Matilda is getting moulds taken for her very first hearing aids. I’m utterly exhausted but she’s unequivocally worth it, especially when I see her gorgeous smile!