Matilda's monthly progress

23 Months

Tilda is 23 months old today and wholly oblivious to the chaos unfolding around her. However long this lockdown lasts, our priority is to keep her safe in her little bubble.

Because of her kidney disease, she’s classed as high-risk – this usually requires frequent monitoring at hospital, but that’s the last place we dare take her right now. All visits to help with her hearing and speech are also understandably on hold.

The world’s pressed pause. In the meantime, Tilda’s mastered the remote control and relishes turning the volume up to 100, just to amplify the panic on the TV news.

She’s grown noticeably taller and even more affectionate – she loves giving hugs and kisses. She also likes to “help” organise the house – oregano in the washing machine, bank cards in the bin and vitamin tablets down the loo? Great motor skills, Tilda! At least we don’t have a cat flap.